OhMD is only available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhones (IOS 9.0 or higher) and the Google Play Store for Android Devices (Version 6.0.1 or higher).  The app has not been optimized for the iPad so a iPhone is recommended for the best iOS experience. OhMD is not available on Windows phone.

In order to add additional security while using OhMD on your phone, each user is able to define a pass code specific to the Mobile App. Once logged on, a user will not need to enter a password again unless logged off; however, if an OhMD pass code is defined, a user will need to enter it before they're able to get back in. In the event that a phone is lost or damaged, recovering your account is easy. Simply download OhMD and log on from your new phone. No PHI is stored on the phone. 

Currently OhMD can only be downloaded and installed from the US and Canada's App and Google Play Store(s). A user can use either a US or Canadian phone number to sign up with.

Healthcare professionals that already have an OhMD account can also use the same credentials to log into the OhMD web app accessible via the "Login" button on our website. The web app contains additional administrative features that allow for user management and Care Team management.  The web app is not available for patients.

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