For patient invites please see our Inviting Patients article.

Letting your colleagues know about OhMD is easy through colleague invites.  You can ask your colleagues who do not currently use OhMD to join via the "Invite a Colleague or Patient" button in the mobile app.  Inviting a colleague to OhMD sends your colleague an SMS text letting them know you want to communicate with them on OhMD.  

When invitee downloads the app and signs up it will automatically create the chat with the inviter.  Please note that when new users download the app and sign up on their own they will be placed in the their own Organization in OhMD.  To create accounts for other users in your practice/organization see our User Management article.

To send and invite tap on the "Invite a Colleague or Patient" button at the bottom of your chat list or at the bottom of the "Start a Message" user list.  To learn more about creating chats with existing OhMD users please see our Start a New Message with colleagues article. 

Both will open the "Invite Contacts to OhMD" screen.  If you have allowed access to your contacts you will see a list of all your contacts that have a phone number associated with them that you can invite directly.

You can also invite your contacts by entering their phone number if they are not a contact on your phone or if you have not allowed contact access.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about inviting colleagues.

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