You can use OhMD to text with your co-workers in both direct and group chats.  Additionally, since OhMD is an open platform you can also create chats with your colleagues throughout your healthcare community.  Once a user has an OhMD account they can connect with with any other OhMD User.

To learn more about inviting colleagues to join OhMD so you can start a chat with them please see our Colleague Invitation article.  

New colleague chats can be created from either the mobile applications or the web app.  Additionally, after an invited colleague joins the chat between you and they will automatically be created and added to your chat list.

iOS & Android Applications

New colleague chats can be started on the mobile apps by tapping on the New Message icon in the upper-right hand corner of the app.  If you are new to OhMD and do not yet have your first chat you will also see three suggested contacts to start a chat with if we were able to match any of your phone's contacts (Contact Permissions required) to existing OhMD users.

On the New Message screen suggested contacts will be shown when the screen first loads.  This list includes colleagues you have existing direct chats with, colleagues that are members of group chats that you participate in and contacts from your phone that are also OhMD users.  To find other OhMD users to start a chat with you can search for them by name using the top search bar.  Taping their name will start the direct chat.

You can also start a new Colleague Group Chat by tapping the New Group Message link.  This will allow you to select multiple colleagues to participate in the group, name the group and start the chat.

Please see our Colleague Group Chat article for more information about group chats.

Web App

The OhMD web based application can be accessed by logging into our website via the "Provider Login" button.  Currently the web app is only available to our healthcare professional users (not patients).  To start a new chat click the New Chat button on the left-hand toolbar.

Choose the "Colleague or Group Chat" option.  See our Inviting Patients article for more information on informing your patients they can text with you on OhMD.

Similar to the mobile apps, the next screen will show you suggested contacts comprised of the colleagues you already have conversations with as well as give you the ability to search for OhMD users.  To start a direct chat with a new colleague click the Add button next to their name and then Create.

When only one colleague has been selected before the Create button is clicked, you will be asked if you want to start a Direct Chat with that user or if you want to start a Group Chat with that user (additional users can be added later).  

If multiple users were Added before the Create button was clicked then the system will direct you to starting a group chat.  If you would like to start multiple direct chats they will need to be done one at a time.

More information on Group Chats can be found in our Group Chat help center article.

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