OhMD can send you a number of different notifications for when your action is required in the app.  There are notifications for new messages, patient chat requests, being delegated a chat and when your contacts join OhMD.  Depending on the type of notification and settings these can be sent as an email or a push notification (with alert tone) to your phone.  Currently the only option for the web app is a notification on the browser tab that flashes "New Message".

Turning on Notifications - OhMD Settings

There are three OhMD user properties that control the notifications the app will send you.  These are accessible in the web app under Settings > My Profile or Settings > Users.

  • Mobile app access and push notifications - Allows a user to log into the mobile as well as receive push notifications to the phone for new user messages and patient approval requests.

  • When delegated, get email notifications for all activity - Indicates whether the user should get an email for new messages added to patient chats when they are a delegate of that chat.

  • Alter this person when new patients need approval - Controls whether the user should receive an email and/or push notification (in conjuncture with the first property) when patients request to chat with a provider in their organization.

Turning on Notifications - Phone Settings

In addition to the OhMD settings above, you must also have allowed notification permissions on your phone to receive push notifications.  The app will automatically prompt you when first registering/signing in to allow notification permissions but this can be changed/checked in your phones Device/Notifications settings.
If allowed by the phone permissions and the phone is set to play audible alerts OhMD push notifications will make an alert tone when they are received.  Currently that tone cannot be customized. If a users phone's sound settings are turned off but the vibrate setting is on, users will receive a vibration.

Note: Alert notifications are only available while the app is closed.

Troubleshooting Notifications

  • Check OhMD notification settings and phone notification settings.

  • If for patient chats, check team/delegation settings

  • Please note that if you are logged into the web app or if you have the mobile app up, we will not send a notification.

  • Finally, logging out and back in should reset your Device ID and resolve any other issues.

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