1. Select the "Reports" option from the Menu

2. Click "Report Builder"
3. Choose the "Demographics" Report Type
4. Click "Next" at the bottom of the screen or on the "Choose Display Columns" tab. Expand the "Patient" category and push over the following:
     - Patient First Name
     - Patient Last Name
     - Patient Date of Birth
     - Patient Mobile Phone Number
     - Patient ID

5. Click "Next" at the bottom of the screen or on the "Choose & Set Filters" tab.  Expand the "Patient" category and push over "Patient Status".  Select "Active".
6. Preview Report
7. Save & Schedule Report:
     - Name the report
     - Choose a category that makes sense
     - Select Practice Report so others can have access to the report as well
     - Set up a single recurrence.
     - Pick a Recipient
     - Set the Report Format to "Comma Delimited Text (CSV)"
     - Save and Schedule
8. Click on the "View Results" tab to run the report.

Tip: On subsequent times the report is run consider adding the "Patient Registration Date" filter to only export patients that were added since the last time you ran the report.

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