OhMD built the video visit tool to be user-friendly for both patients and providers, but a lot of patients are new to telehealth and could use some help getting started.

One way to help them out is to send patients a saved reply prior to their telehealth visit with a short list of steps to prepare. Providers can include this information in their appointment confirmation saved reply or send it separately. The text might read something like this:

Pre-Video Visit Saved Reply

"Hello {patient name}, this is {name} from {practice name}. I'm writing to confirm your telehealth appointment at 2:00pm on Thursday, June 4. When the doctor is ready, they'll send you a text message with a link to the video visit. Tap the link and the video will automatically open in your phone's web browser. If it is your first video visit, you will be prompted to "allow camera permissions". Tap "yes/allow". Your video call should then start. If you have any issues opening the video chat, reply directly to the text we sent you."

Allow Video Permissions

Sometimes patients have a hard time allowing camera permissions if their phone is set to "Deny" camera permissions rather than "Ask", although most phones default to "Ask". Here is what manually allowing camera permissions looks like on the patient's end in case you need to guide them through it.

Allow Camera + Microphone Permissions on iPhone

Settings > Safari > Camera > Allow

Settings > Safari > Microphone > Allow

Allow Camera + Microphone Permissions on Android

Settings > Apps > Chrome > Permissions > Turn Camera + Microphone On

Share this article with patients

If you want to show patients these steps, feel free to send them the link to this article...

...or one of these patient handouts on allowing video permissions, on Android or iPhone.

Getting Started with Video Visits on iPhone

Getting Started with OhMD Video Visits on Android

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