You can use OhMD to message with your colleagues in both direct and group chats. To learn how, read the step by step instructions below or watch the Colleague Messaging Video Tutorial.

Since OhMD is an open platform, you can also create chats with your peers throughout your healthcare community. Once a healthcare professional has an OhMD account, they can connect with any other OhMD user.

Start a New Colleague Chat

To start a new colleague chat, go to the Messages page and click the blue New Chat icon at the top.

From there, type the colleague's name into the search bar and select them from the list. This will pull up a new conversation with the colleague and you can start messaging with them.

Start a Colleague Group Chat

You can use the same blue text bubble icon at the top of the page to create a colleague group chat. Instead of searching for a colleague name, click "New Group Message". Then search for and select all the colleagues you'd like to add to the group chat and click "create group" at the bottom of the window.

Then give your group chat a name so that it's differentiable from other colleague group chats and click "create group".

Pull up an existing colleague chat/group chat

If you'd like to message a colleague you've already exchanged messages with in the past, you can go to the Messages page and enter their name in the search bar labeled "search by name". Then click on their name in the chat list to pull up your conversation thread.

You can use this same process to find an existing colleague group chat. Just search the group chat name in the "search by name" bar.

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