What is OhMD Autopilot?

OhMD Autopilot allows you to automate common conversation flows with patients to gather the information necessary for specific inquiries. Autopilot can help with patient check-in, appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and more.

How it works

  1. The patient will be required to text a specific kickoff word to your textable practice number. Some examples of these are checkin, appointment, or refill.

  2. The Autopilot tool recognizes the word and auto-replies to gather relevant patient information. Note: Autopilot will only recognize a kickoff word if it is sent on its own, not if it is sent in a sentence. For example, when a patient texts checkin or arrived, Autopilot will:

    • Gather the Patient's Name

    • Gather the Patient's DOB

    • Ask three "yes or no" COVID-19 screening questions

  3. Each time the patient responds, they are automatically sent the next question until the flow is complete and all questions are answered. If at any point the patient wishes to exit the flow, they can respond "EXIT". They will be informed of this opt-out in the first autoreply. OhMD's Autopilot will inform the practice the completion status of the flow should the patient complete in full or exit at any point.

  4. When the Autopilot flow is complete, the patient's replies will be summarized in one succinct text block in their conversation thread in OhMD. If a patient "drops off" a flow, meaning they do not respond to a question in under 5 minutes, the flow will end and their replies up to that point will be summarized.

Autopilot Example

Take the refill Autopilot flow as an example.

  1. Patient texts refill

  2. Autopilot asks:

    • Patient Name

    • Patient DOB

    • Prescription refill needed

    • Insurance provider and ID #, or photo of insurance card

    • Preferred pharmacy

  3. Autopilot concludes the flow with "Thank you. We will be in touch shortly."

  4. Patient's replies are summarized in a text box in their conversation thread in OhMD.

Inform patients of your Autopilot kickoff words

To start using Autopilot effectively, you need to let your patients know which words to text your practice for specific inquiries.

We recommend promoting your Autopilot kickoff words on your practice website alongside your textable number. Here's an example:

"Did you know you can now text us at {textable number}?

  • Text referral if you have been referred to our practice by another provider

  • Text appointment, appt, apt or visit to schedule an appointment

  • Text checkin or arrived to let us know you've arrived for your appointment

  • Text refill to request a prescription refill

  • Text review to offer feedback on your last visit"

Keep in mind these flows are not public, so you only need to promote those that apply to your practice.

Here's an example from a fellow OhMD community member's website:

To see a library of Autopilot flow templates you can use with your patients,
click here.

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