Edit Webchat Settings

OhMD webchat can be customized to suit your organization's branding and policies and collect pertinent patient information. To customize your OhMD Webchat, log in to OhMD and navigate to Organization > Settings > Website Chat.

On the Website Chat page, view your current webchat hours, customize webchat settings by clicking "edit", or turn on webchat using the toggle in the top right.


Here you can customize your webchat header, accent color, and button icon. Preview how it will appear on the right hand side.

Scroll down on the customization page to edit your Attention Prompt Message (see below). This message will appear over the webchat button on your site to call attention to the webchat button.

Turn the prompt on/off using the green toggle. Edit the prompt message in the text field. Use the sliding bar under Timer to set how many seconds on the page before a visitor is shown the attention prompt message.


Set your webchat hours. Whether a visitor writes into webchat on or off hours will determine which auto-messaging they receive.


There are multiple auto-messages you can set to respond appropriately to patients. Preview how they will appear on the right hand side. You have the option to Preview as Open Hours using the toggle in the top right.

The Legal Agreements message is the first to pop up. You can edit the first part of the legal agreement. The last sentence on terms of service cannot be changed or removed.

The Welcome Message - Open Hours or Welcome Message - Closed Hours, respectively, will be the first to send after the visitor agrees to the Legal Agreements.

Auto-Responder - Open Hours will send in response to a visitor's first message during open hours.

Contact Info

Here you can opt to offer visitors a Contact Card where they enter their contact info for your staff's use. Preview how it will appear on the right hand side.

Use the toggle to the right of Contact Card to turn this feature on/off. When it is on, the blue contact card icon appears blue. When it is off, the icon appears grayed out.

Use the Contact Info Prompt to ask for patient info and let them know how to enter it (click on the blue contact card icon).

Use the Contact Info Confirmation to let patients know you received their Contact Card submission and give them next steps.

Scroll down to edit Contact Form Fields which allow you to customize the required info in the Contact Card. Drag and drop fields to reorder them or remove fields from the card by dragging into Inactive Fields.

Verify Mobile Number helps patients verify their contact information by automatically texting them a code. Turn this feature on/off using the toggle to the right.


To install webchat on your webpage, copy the web chat code using the Copy Code button and paste it within the header of your webpage.

Here's a video on how to add code to a website header or footer in Wordpress:

How to add code to a website header or footer in Wix:

How to add code to a website header or footer in Squarespace:

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