We recommend getting the word out that your practice is now textable in as many ways as possible to encouragement high patient engagement. Here are some ways we've seen other OhMD community members market their textable number.

Add your textable number to your practice website

A great way to get out the word that patients can now text your practice is to add a callout to your textable number on your website. The more visible, the better! Many OhMD clients have added "text us at {textable number}" to the header and contact page of their website.

Check out some examples here:

Post your textable number to your practice social media pages

Don't stop at your website. If your practice has a solid social media following, we recommend posting on sites like Facebook to let your patients know in an informal setting that they can now text you.

Here's an example of a Facebook post from another OhMD community member letting patients know how to get in touch with their nurse line via text:

Add a prompt to your phone menu letting patients know they can text you instead

Want to redirect some of your office's phone traffic to texting so front desk staff can help more than one patient at a time?

Add a prompt to your phone menu making patients aware of alternatives via text. Be clear that patients are able to text your specific number and convey that it's a faster way to reach you.

Here's an example of the language you can use:

"Hi, you've reached OhMD Medical. Did you know you can now text us directly and avoid the wait times? For an easier way to reach us, text our office at 555-555-5555 and one of our team members will text you back."

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